Roof cleaning service

De- moss, treatments, WITHOUT PRESSURE WASHING

We can offer a safe alternative to potentially damaging pressure washing roofs

We will manually scrape the moss from your roof without ever having to set a foot onto the tiles and causing undue damage. Once scraped we will apply a biocidal cleaner which will instantly tackle the left behind growth spores and give an immediate visual result. What happens next is the remaining growth of lichen will die back and be removed over time by the elements ( up to a year). Due to the treatments no further growth is likely for up to three years and can be reapplied by as as part of a maintenance plan before is re-starts.

The benefit of our approach as apposed to pressure cleaning is ultimately the effect will last longer. You will also be assured that no water will enter your roof space and damage to tiles almost eradicated.

Why should i have my roof cleaned?

The simple answer is to preserve the roof saving you thousands of pounds. Moss growth especially when wet adds a tremendous amount of weight to roof and underlying structure. Not only that but moss tends to grow up under the tile lifting it which means the wind could also take them off or allow water ingress.

A clean roof will totally transform the look of your property and take years off the overall look.


We have various cleaning levels available to suit all budgets. 

Questions & Answers

Q. Do you have to climb on my roof?

A. 99% No as all work is carried out from gutter level using various access methods

Q.What happens to the moss removed?

A.  If needed we will dispose of this for you 

Q. Do you clear out the guttering?

A. Yes we will block the down pipes whilst scraping and remove fallen moss.

Q. Is there a lot of mess?

A. Yes this is a messy business at times but we are capable of leaving everything as it was.

Q. Are the treatments safe?

A. Yes the treatments are safe but will will have to take precautions to cover surrounding plants.

Q. We have some broken tiles, can you replace them?

A. Yes we can make sure all work needed gets done.

Q. Are you Insured?

A. Yes we have 5 million Public liability insurance via AXA insurance.


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